Monday, October 31, 2011

Bats and Razorback

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tuesday was Brody's real 9 month birthday! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend much time with him that day because of parent/teacher conferences. L  So, his daddy was in charge of taking his monthly photo and spoiling him for the day.

His nine month check- up was Thursday,  and his daddy also got to take him to that appointment because I had to be at school. L

·         Here are his stats: Wt. 22 lbs (80%), Ht. 29 ½ (90%)

[I feel like I haven’t done the best job lately describing bub’s milestones, schedule, etc. so here goes…]

My little Brody-boo has three top teeth, two bottom teeth, and more pushing through on the sides. A lot of drool going on.

His teachers and the sweet ladies in the nursery at church just squeal when he arrives, and they tell us they want to take him home. Of course, we don’t let them. J

He is all over the place. Crawling. 

He is feeding himself with finger foods.

He is waving bye-bye, but only on occasion.  Same with clapping.

He is pulling up on furniture.  Lately, when I get him in the mornings, he has one knee bended and he’s standing on one foot playing with the top of his mobile.

He will NOT take a sippy cup.  We’re still working on it. (All suggestions are welcomed!)

He loves to share.  He will take a toy and hug it or put it in his mouth, and then he will hold it out for you and wait for you to hug it or put it in your mouth- then he wants it back.

He loves to play hide and seek.

He is still a little cuddle bug.  I LOVE IT!

We have started saying "no"...due to pulling hair.

The last couple months he has been going through separation anxiety.  Not bad.  If I leave his sight he gets upset. Usually he doesn’t get upset if someone else is there to distract him. 
Not all the time though.

He is talking all the time. I’m proud to say he finally says “mama.”  He is starting to combine a lot of different consonant syllables, and I tell Justin all the time that I think he just said “dada, get baba,” or “mama wa bababa.”  Who knows.  It’s probably wishful thinking. J 

Wake – 6:30- 7:00AM – Cereal and 5 oz bottle
Daddy drops him off at school at 7:30 A
10:30-11 A 8 oz bottle
12:30- 1 P 2 foods
2:30-3 P 8 oz bottle
4:00 P Mom picks him up from school
Playtime with mom until dad gets home
5:30 2 foods, and several puffs
6:30 Bath
6:45 8 oz. bottle
7:00 down to sleep, talk, roll around, play
7:30-8:00  asleep

I could go on and on; however, he's waking from a nap, so I must run.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Pumpkin

Saturday, October 1, 2011

8 months

As I sit here to type, I have a squealing, bouncing baby boy next to me, and I am reminded of how fun my life is; Brody is so joyful. After a long day at work, picking him up and coming home to play is the best medicine for this working mom.

As always, I cannot believe the title of this post. Our little boy is already 8-stinkin'- months-old! This post is a little late due to our busy schedule, but it is documented none the less. Brody was 8 months last Sunday.

We took bub's 8 month pictures real quick before meeting our best friends, Amber and Cooper, for lunch. You can tell from the pictures that bub was antsy to get going. :)

Love you, Brody boo!