Sunday, October 25, 2009

Featuring REMI

Longpond's Smokin Remi

Our Pup

Hangin' out watchin' football

Rowdy, cuddly
Chasing, snoring, loving
Queen of the back yard (house)

I wrote a little cinquain poem for you! :)


I have a couple songs to share ....

We really like to sing along to Jason Aldean's new song Big Green Tractor.
It's catchy and lyrics are cute...what can I say, Justin brings out the country side of me.

Have ya'll heard Third Eye Blind's new song or album
check out Don't Believe a Word

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mark My Word

This guy is talented! I realize that I may not know him personally but I do feel an Arkansas - Conway - Church connection, and I'm sooooo proud of him! I truly love his new song, ALREADY. I cannot wait to purchase his CD! Enjoy the music, folks!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Friday night I got to have dinner with my brothers, "the boys." They don't particularly like that phrase but that is what almost everyone we know will say, "Megan and the boys." John Bryant lives/works in Tulsa and Jeff is in Fayetteville, so it was a treat to have them home for the weekend. They are so much fun!

Jeff, Mom, Justin, Me, and John Bryant
Jeffrey, Me, John Bryant

No sleeping in this weekend. Saturday morning mom picked me up at 6 a.m. to head to Little Rock for the Race For the Cure. We met up with Nan, Beckye, and Britt downtown before the race. My aunt Beckye was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005, battled it, and survived. She is almost 5 years cancer free, praise the Lord! A couple family friends also battled and survived Breast Cancer so we raced for them as well. The amount of people who show up is phenomenal. After the race mom and I got to see Britt (my cousin) and Phillip's house - it is super cute - she definitely has a decorators touch. While I was in Little Rock, Justin was mowing, weed eating, and presher washing the fence and concrete. My handy man!

That afternoon Justin went over to watch the Razorback game with my dad and brothers on the movie screen, and I worked on a paper. Saturday evening one of Justin's good buddies, Leah Hastings, got married in Little Rock. We had a great time! I am so bummed that I didn't take my camera - the reception was at the Little Rock Country Club and it was GORGEOUS. Probably the most beautiful flower arrangements EVER. However, I am more upset that I didn't get a picture of my hunk all suited up, lookin' good.
Heard this song at church sunday:
Hillsong - Second Chance

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excellent Deals

This afternoon I was at T.J. Max & More. LOOKING. Usually you will only find me in the front of the store looking at bags/purses or at the back of the store in the kitchen/furniture section. I just can't bring myself to search and pick through all those cloths. I would much rather go to a clothing store, know what I'm going for, and get it (that is all I have time for these days, anyway). Not today. Today I searched. Kind of.

I wanted to share my purchases:

I thought ya'll might like a visual

Turquoise scarf - originally $35 and I bought it for $15

Pink scarf - originally $40 and I got it for $20

I'm going GREEN! 2 Cute Home Goods bags - $1.49
Coral tie for Handsome (look good with a blue shirt)- original price $25 and I payed $7 for it

3 pairs of Calvin Klein socks (black, gray, & brown) - $20, I payed $10

Mustard Yellow Shirt - originally $28, payed $16

Total = $75

Oh, and as I strolled to the back of the store (furniture/decorations) I was thrilled to see CHRISTMAS! Tons and tons of Christmas decorations. I had to refrain from buying these two super cute bronze reindeer. I might have to go back. I was also looking to try to find an Advent Calendar. I found this adorable one online

I found it at

Might have to get creative and make one!


Song of the day: All the Right Moves - OneRepublic

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Candace

Yesterday was my sister-n-law's 27th birthday. Jon, Justin's twin brother, arranged a surprise party/dinner at Mike's. We had a great time catching up with friends and family.

The Birthday Girl blowing out her candles

We didn't get a photo so we took one in the car after the party


I heard on the radio yesterday that Kris Allen's debut album will feature Mat Kearney! I am ecstatic! If you haven't heard Mat Kearney's music, please check him out. I would love to hear him live! Oh, I believe a couple of his songs have been on Grey's Anatomy.

His most recent song is called Closer to Love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Girls Weekend in Dallas

Due to the fact that we don't see each other as much as we would like, the four of us (Amber, Ali, Marietta, and me) try to schedule trips together to catch up on lost time! This is definitely the case for special birthdays- To celebrate our 21st birthday's we went to New York City for a week - this past weekend we were celebrating our 25th birthday's. Another tradition we started is to see a play wherever we go, in NYC we saw Hairspray and this past weekend we saw Mary Poppins. Marietta LOVES plays! Not really

Cocktails while we were getting ready (Friday)

Group shot Friday night before dinner at Nobu

We sort of got closed in the parking deck at the Crescent Hotel so Ali and Amber did a little maneuvering.

We got out! Ali had to direct traffic in the rain (before Mary Poppins)
The 4 of us before dinner Saturday night (a bit of a glare)

Love them!

Mar and Me

Am and Ali
We could NOT get a photo for the life of us...They kept coming over to us to make us put up our cameras. By gosh, we got one.

**Justin enjoyed a weekend of watching football and piddling at the farm.

Speaking of BIRTHDAY'S...Tomorrow is Amber's 25th!!
Happy Birthday Am!

I couldn't resist

Love you!!
How cute is she!