Saturday, January 22, 2011

38 weeks

38 weeks

Stats: He is 7 + pounds and anywhere from from 19-22 inches long - give or take.

Movement: Oh yes! He is so spread out that I feel him ALL over!

Feeling: I'm choosing not to focus on this area, this week, because it is not fun right now. Instead I want to stay positive and think about how worth it the pain is because we get to see our little boy so very soon!

Food: I cannot get enough liquids! Usually I am a water girl, but lately I've needed more of a variety - milk, orange juice, grapefruit juice, sprite, and root bear. I'm constantly sipping something which makes for more trips to the potty throughout the night.

Favorite moment of the week: Our doctors appointment, Thursday.

Nothings changed with me. B is still breech. SOOOO....Our doctor scheduled the c-section for Monday, January 31st!! [This will put us a little over 39 weeks.] Unless B decides to flip or I go into labor before then. Even though this is not the way we had planned on delivering our son, we know that it's the safe way to see him healthy and happy and we are at peace with it.

I'll try to post pictures of B's nursery, soon. I'm just waiting for one final detail!

For now, here are some random pictures from my iPhone to hold you over...

Malyn loved B's bear that she found in his nursery and Uncle Justin loved cuddling up with M

Brody's clean cloths, organized by size, ready for him to wear

[I've had several people mention that our blog is messing up. I'm sorry this is happening. I will check into HTML and blogger to see what the deal is]

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Brunch and Shower

Saturday morning my aunts and Nan hosted a wonderful shower and brunch for Brody and me. It was such a special occasion and I'm so grateful to all the family who were able to come! We had a blast!!

The adorable invitation

Lovin' on B (touching my tummy)

My beautiful aunts and Nan

Mom joined us

Some of us were in the dinning room

Can you see that FOOD! YUM! [delicious fruit, cheese and bacon quiche, an assortment of mini muffins - I was in heaven!]
See my cute helper?

She wanted in the tub, so she got in the tub!

Mom made this cute diaper tower with fun toys dispersed around

How cute will he look at a Razorback game! Thanks to Great Aunt Beckye

Malyn checking out B's goodies

Charley, Lisa (MIL), and Rita
Beckye, Peggy, and Phyllis

The table decoration in the kitchen where some cute!
[I don't know if you can see it or not but there were cookies at eat place setting. My cookie was a sweet little onsie that read "I love Mommy." PRECIOUS! and TASTY! ]

I speak for Justin and myself when I say that we feel overwhelmed with joy and blessed beyond measure! Our little boy has received so much and we are truly grateful!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Rock Shower

[For now I'm skipping over Saturday's Family Brunch and Shower until I get pictures from my mom.]

Sunday was lovely. Seven of my MIL's best friends threw Brody and I a wonderful shower! We sipped a delicious punch, ate tons of great 'sweets', visited with family and close friends, and received many wonderful gifts.
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take more pictures, but we were all too busy chatting.

Today Justin and I have been putting all of Brody's "stuff" in it's place. We've gradually done this but it seems now everything is complete. We're just waiting for our little boy to arrive! Justin even has the hand sanitizer dispersed around the house for when we have guests!

And, yes, our bags are packed...just in case!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I missed my 36 week "preg meg" update a few days ago; however, I am coming to you today straight after a doctor's appointment.

Here's the latest...

Stats: He is 6 + pounds and she said he is ready to make his appearance.

Movement: Oh yes! His little fists like to punch Mommy in the ribs.

Feeling: Not so great! My back pain has only gotten worse since this past weekend. I mentioned it to my doctor and she said there isn't much to do at this point but take it easy and rest. Brody is having a hard time finding space.

Food: Still eating like a champ! The brunch was AMAZING this past weekend at the shower - I LOVE brunch!! It's my favorite! I get to eat another brunch this coming Saturday at our family shower, and then more great food Sunday at our Little Rock shower! YUM!
Favorite moment of the week: Hearing B's heartbeat today and seeing his little booty on the screen when she checked real quick to verify his position.

She said I'm thinning out, but I haven't quite dilated to a 1. He is still breech. It looks like we will be scheduling a c-section next week at our next appointment for the end of January/first of Feb. (39 weeks). I know whatever happens that it is God's will.... There is a reason why my little boy is happy and staying put with his head closest to my heart.

Here are additional photos from the sweet celebration this past weekend!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Sweet Celebration

My mom and I have the BEST friends! Some of mine and my mom's closest friends hosted the most beautiful baby shower for my little guy. This past Saturday Brody and I were showered with so many wonderful gifts! Everything from the brunch itself to the decorations were incredible! I was giddy the entire time!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves......

The baby book sign in station. To the left is a blown up ultrasound pic of B. The shadow box contained baby pictures of Justin and I, belly pictures, and a picture of J and I.
The details were impeccable.

Some of the GORGEOUS hostesses and myself.
[I'll be adding photos of the entire group once I get them from Jilly]

my mom and I
The most adorable cup cakes

Aunt Steph created this SUPER cute piece that is already hanging up in B's nursery! LOVE it!
Posing with Nan.
Auntie Em and I - holding the special blanket she MADE Brody!

[IT looks GREAT in his nursery, Em!]

I couldn't believe it!

SO blessed!

Didn't they do such an amazing job?!

{Girls, if you're reading THANK YOU, again! WE LOVE YOU!!}

More to come!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

35 weeks

*** HAPPY New Year ***

I had every intention of posting about the remainder of our Christmas, 2010 in a nutshell, and New Years Eve, but time slipped away from me. We have been very busy this holiday season.

I want to make an effort to get back on track with my pregnancy updates since we are nearing the end. I skipped out on our 34 week update. My close friends and family hear me say this all the time but I CANNOT BELIEVE how fast this pregnancy has flown by. I was holding sweet Emmett the other day and it seemed so surreal that in only a short month (give-or-take) we will be welcoming our prince charming.

35 weeks

Stats: According to WTEWE, he is weighing in around 5.5 pounds and 20 inches long. We'll find out for sure tomorrow at our last ultrasound checkup!

Movement: Yes, and he is starting to be a regular busy-body at night. Mommy has NOT been sleeping well, at all.

Feeling: I still feel GREAT and I have lots of energy, I'm just starting to feel uncomfortable at times.

Food: Nothing special. Still no cravings.

Favorite moment of the week: check back with me tomorrow...we get to see our little guy on the screen and hear his heartbeat!

We have SO many fun, special occasions coming up and I cannot wait to blog about them all!

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!