Sunday, April 22, 2012


After church, we traveled to Little Rock.  First up,was lunch at daddy's favorite: Buffalo Grill. Then, we ventured to the Zoo to see all the animals.  By far, the penguins were bub's favorite to watch.  It was the perfect day for a trip to the zoo.  We got to see almost every animal they have to show for and take a train ride around the park. I have to admit, we were disappointed with the 'rinky dink' train ride and other various aspects of the zoo; however, it was fun just to watch bub take it all in and enjoy it for the first time.

Now, we're off to our church pot luck and guest speaker/comedian.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend {Part II}

Easter morning, we worshiped and celebrated Jesus's Resurrection with our church family. After church, we went to eat lunch at one of our local favorites with my family. Then, we went over to my parents to let B open his Easter basket from them and hunt MORE Easter eggs.

After church we went to the park across from the restaurant to let B release some energy

my little climber

He's feeling like such a big boy

mommy and daddy managed to get a picture

taking a break to eat some goldfish

feeding Bo his goldfish

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend {Part 1}


We headed to spend the day with the Swann's to celebrate Easter. Before we met up with the rest of the family, Brody got his picture taken with the Easter Bunny at the mall. We had a wonderful lunch at my in-laws house, and then we took the kids to a local photographer to have their pictures made with real bunnies. That deserves a post of its own. B tried to take off the bunnies head.

Next, we gathered over a Nonie's house (Justin's grandmother) to hide eggs and let the kids hunt. Bub had a blast, as did Malyn. I got to love on my sweet niece, Addison, and enjoy visiting with family.

waiting in line to go see the Easter Bunny

opening Easter Baskets from Gammy and Pop-O

this is pretty much how he stayed - double fisting.

Family pic attempt

Lovin' on little miss presh

Part 2 coming soon!