Monday, June 25, 2012

17 Months

WOW!  I cannot believe it.  Today bub is 17 months. Because I have time while he is napping, I thought I would document what he's up to these days.

He is putting together more words to make phrases and sentences.  He will grab my shoes, his shoes, daddy's shoes and say "da-da shoe" "da-de shoe" "bro shoe" etc.   When Justin leaves to go to work he says "bye-bye daddy" then "da -de go."

His vocabulary is expanding.

Until just last week, our child has not sit down long enough to watch a cartoon or show on T.V.  We might have it on in the background and he just doesn't want much to do with it, unless he sees something he can point to and say.  I will say, up until  he was about 12 months we [I] was a stickler about not having him watch T.V. Anyway, now he will watch Micky Mouse Club House on Disney Jr. and he loves it.  He won't sit still the whole time to watch it, but he watches it nonetheless.  He says "Micky" and "Goofy."

He is becoming quite the little fish.  He loves being in the pool.  He gets excited when I say "let's get ready to go to the pool."

He is getting highlights in his hair from being out in the sun this summer.  

He is creating tons of art work at school, thanks to his fantastic teachers.

He is starting to strum the guitar.

He loves his "blankies."  Before bed  each night, I will give him his last cup of milk.  Immediately after, he will go into his room and get two blankies, and then he will find one of us to cuddle up next two while he finishes his milk.

He is outgoing, strong-willed, energetic, adventurous and SO sweet. 

Weekend at the Lake

Well, we just got back from a wonderful and relaxing weekend at the Lake. Our little family of three met my parents and Nan at the house on Lake Hamilton.  Justin took off Friday so we could spend an extra day by the pool.  I had every intention of videoing bub all weekend and taking tons of pictures, yet I failed to do so.

Friday night we went to Fisherman's Wharf to eat dinner, so that we could eat on the lake.  After dinner we came home and my mom suggested we take a couple pictures which led to a photo session because bub was in a picture taking mood. Hints the pictures below.
 [Side note:  My mom recently got an iPad and my dad has been using it.  He viewed our blog for the first time last week, and he was giving me a hard time about there not being many pictures of the McConnell side of the family on what he calls "your page." Ha!  If you know my dad this probably comes as no surprise. So dad, this post is for you!]

Saturday, Justin got up early to play 18 holes of golf with his good buddy Kent at a Hot Springs Village course.  The rest of us enjoyed eating breakfast on the deck overlooking the Lake, and then we played in the pool, took naps, and played in the pool some more.  

Saturday night, Justin and I got to celebrate Kent turning the big 3-0!  We love the McClure's dearly, and we always have a great time when we get together. I especially loved getting to hold and play with little mister Shad.  While we were away, bub was feasting at another local restaurant with my parents and Nan.

  I love this picture because you can tell how much Brody adores my dad.

  I love this one!

four generations
 Hopefully we will be able to take another trip to the lake before the summer is over.  Crossing my fingers!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Trip 2012

Be prepared for tons of pictures!  

[Some pictures were taken on the iPhone because we didn't want to take our big camera down to the beach, and I left our small cameras at home on accident.]

Last week through this week we were at the beach.  Justin's family has a beach house in Orange Beach, AL. It is a quaint beach cottage.  Justin says it is straight out of the 70's and it just might be.  We loved it, and it was SO nice to have our own little private beach.  We enjoyed evening strolls on the beach, morning jogs, and relaxation while soaking up the sun.  

Bub was a rock star on the drive to Orange Beach and back home.  Justin and I are SO proud of him.  He warmed up to the beach in no time, which made for an even better trip for mommy and daddy.

I'll tell a story with pictures, even if they are a little bit out of order.

 first day on the beach - applying sun screen on the deck

 "Mom, let's go.  I'm ready"
Me trying to stop him from going down the stairs

 daddy wants to take our picture

 my boys on the beach

 We couldn't get bub to look at the camera.  The sun was in his eyes and he didn't want to keep his sun glasses on.

 There were a couple of rainy days so we did a lot of THIS while we were inside.  

 trying on my fedora

 Attempting to take family pictures on the beach one night.  Not a fun experience

 Writing Brody's name in the sand - he loved it

 giving me kisses before he takes off
 gotta rinse off before you go up

 on the deck after dinner one night at Doc's

 At the Wharf watching them weigh fish, before we ate dinner

One night while we were there, Justin and I had a date night.  It happened to be a night when it was raining off and on; however, the rain didn't stop us from having fun.  We went to Cosmos and sat out on the patio. We enjoyed listening to the live music and sipping on a drink while we waited for our table.  THE FOOD.  I could go on and on.  Justin got the red fish with a remoulade sauce that was to die for, and I had the Chilean Sea Bass that was equally amazing.  A couple people suggested the 'cheese dip' for an appetizer. Oh my.  It was perfection. It's made with local Sweet Home Farm cheese - a silky blend of Swiss, parmesan & locally made Elberta cheeses. Topped with feta and roasted tomato relish and served with pita chips.  

We're already looking forward to our next beach trip!