Saturday, October 26, 2013

LK 5 months

Constantly moving

Hanging with bub


Mostly happy

Grabbing everything

As much tummy time as possible to encourage the crawl.

Showing support to Pop-O

Loves her jumper 

Comparison: not much alike.

Linley girl, you are our doll baby. For the most part, you have the sweetest and happiest disposition. These days you only get upset when you get bored or you want attention from us.

You still love baths, your brother, and attention. 

You aren't my good little sleeper these days. It's still not bad, but for awhile, you were spoiling us. It's like you go every other night sleeping straight for 12 hours. Those inbetween nights, you wake up early in the morning a few times. 

You are teething and drool constantly.

We were going to start rice cereal tonight but we weren't home, so tomorrow night it is. 

You were wearing true to size until this month. You are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and size 2 diaper. You are SO long! 

You are still rolling both ways.

You love your feet and you're still fascinated my your hands.

You eat 6 oz every 4 hours, 4 times a day.

Love you, sis! You complete our family.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

LK 4 months

[i thought I submitted this post September 26th, when I created it. Something went wrong. Now it's out of order and stressing me out!]

Created September 26th :

We go to the doctor in a week so I will report stats later. Here is what you're up to these days....

Wearing 3-6 month and size 2 diaper.

Beginning of the month she started mastering that upper body strength.

Chewing on her fingers and hands ALL the time. I think she may be starting to get teeth.

Sleepy Girl

Sitting up playing

Getting ready for that first day of "school"

Loving the bumbo

Sis rolls from back to front several times a day and enjoys napping on her tummy.

A baby in pjs is the best!

Soaking up the snuggles. This is post run and I think her facial expression suggests I need a shower.

Sweet pea this morning.

Always moving - legs, feet, hands, arms, abs. :)

You are pretty much on the same schedule as last month:
Wake - 7am - 6 oz
Eat - 11am - 6oz
Eat - 3 pm - 6oz
Little nap some days
Eat - 6:30pm
Sleep until the next day!

Love you more than you'll ever know, sis! You still have the happiest and sweetest disposition. I know this may not last, but it sure makes having two babies easy on your daddy and me. You are one of our greatest blessings. Stop growing so fast, please! :)

Last week at home

My last week at home has been nothing short of spectacular.

Holding hands is the best.


Soccer everyday

Keep those blue eyes, doll.

Mommy/Brody day.

Laid back watching a movie.

Do I have to go back?  Hanging with her is SO much fun!

Fell asleep playing

It was cold one morning so sis got all cute and bundled up.

Infectious smile.

All this kid needs - an apple and a football. Notice his mouth moving. He talks non-stop y'all! 

I am SO grateful for the almost 5 months I've had at home with my little loves. I cherish this time I've had at home with them, and I know how lucky I am to have the extra summer months. It will, no doubt, be tough to go back to school, but I'm praying the transition is smooth for all parties involved. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

10 year high school reunion

Friday night we kicked off the weekend with dinner at Mike's Place, and then we headed to the tailgate at the wampus cat game.

We were hanging out by the end zone.

Saturday night, Steph hosted a get-together at her parents house; we enjoyed a fun evening of catch up with some old, dear friends.

Some kids joined the party, too. We were talked into bringing bub. 

Family picture before we left the house.

Justin and Kent were twinkies for the night. Their wives have good taste. 😉

We had the best time, and I just wish we could do this more often!