Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well we got a few inches of snow on top of a sheet of ice!

Friday night after playing games with mom and dad, we got home and J decided to throw snow balls at the fence

Saturday morning

We bundled up and headed back over to mom and dads with the intent to build a snowman and sled (they have great big hills in their subdivision)

J, Remi, and Bo (mom and dad's lab - obviously he is a male as he sniffs Remi)

Bo and Remi running around mom and dad's backyard

Change of plans...instead of the snowman we decided to go see Bo's puppies. We picked up the Curry's (they are getting one of Bo's pups) and we were on our way.

The Curry's beautiful house in the snow! Cottage like!

How PRECIOUS are they? (a total of 12 pups - white, yellow, brown and black)

I think this is the one mom and dad are getting. SO cute!

Saturday afternoon we decided to go up to the Swann farm for a little get-away and it was GORGEOUS!

The Little house (I am not being rude, that's what we call it)

The Big house (Doug and Lisa's house. Where we stay)

J and Rem at the Big Lake

Big Lake

After riding 4 wheelers and freezing our tushes off we came in and J built a REAL fire and I made brownies!
Then we did this...

This morning we woke up, made bfast/coffee, then headed back out for more riding around.

No clue, I guess I was trying to make a facial expression to describe just how COLD I was! Justin got camera happy.

Snow angel (plus Rem's booty)

Friday, January 29, 2010

We Want to Go Back

To Kauai, Hawaii.

Especially on a terribly COLD day, like today! We will make it back some day, but until then we are trying to plan our next sunny vacation spot. Any and ALL ideas are welcome....

Monday, January 25, 2010


Friday: Date night! Dinner at Faby’s – Our first time there and we LOVED it! We were expecting Italian but received Mexican. They serve {for free} homemade salsa and chips (no surprise there), homemade tortilla soup (we thought they delivered it to the wrong table), and after your meal they present you with a piece of yummy chocolate cake. ALL that food at no cost. We split Fajitas and the flour tortillas were made from scratch! Delicious! The only downside was that we are not use to eating that much and felt miserable after!

· Jog with Remi
· Lunch at (my fave) Jason’s Deli
· Marine Expo at the Little Rock Convention Center (right up Justin’s alley). We got to see
Doug as he was working at the Expo.
· Great visit with Nonie and Pawpaw
· Dinner with Jeff and Charley at Sushi CafĂ© in the Heights (YUM)
· Before we headed home we went over to hang out with Jon and Candace

Sunday: Football! Football! Football! Yeah Saints! A couple of Justin’s fantasy player’s play for the Saints (Brees) so we, of course, pulled for them… even thought I do like the Vikings! We were productive - I wrote a paper for class and Justin cleaned (my OCD man)!

Since I didn't take pictures this weekend, I will leave you with this beautiful image of Italy (our dream vaca spot {crossing my fingers})

Have a GREAT Monday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorite Places to Shop

I was reading Kelly's blog today and decided I would use her idea as a blog post. Because let's face it, I love shopping and fashion!

A great fashion blog to check out :
The Look 4Less


Example of a great outfit at an even better price

Offers great signature pieces

I am loving the colors for Spring!

And of course we cannot forget the fabulous men's cloths (Justin's fave)

You will find J Crew sales and promo codes at the following website/blog spot :

A bit pricey, but the cutest stuff!


Last but not least, I get my Sleepwear and Swimwear from:



I will occasionally shop online and when I do I love LuLu's

Enjoy the Weekend!