Monday, April 26, 2010

Gone Fishin'

This weekend handsome took me fishin' so I could cast my pink pole. Even though we were on the middle of the lake with extreme winds, we still managed to have the best time. If Justin were to tell the story, he'd say that I did a little "fish dance" once I caught the fish. I did.

The infamous PINK pole
My father-in-law got me this pole for Christmas one year and I LOVE it! Justin says it is one of the best poles to use.

J directing the boat

I caught a Bass! BUT I won't hold it.
{excuse the closed camera man caught me blinking}

Justin caught this bass on his first cast of the day

Thursday, April 22, 2010

As of late

Well, we have continued to stay B.U.S.Y., which is why I have neglected to blog. Let's play catch up....

A couple weeks ago we went to the horse races, which happened to be the Arkansas Derby, and stayed at Nan's condo with some of our best friends.
Marietta, Amber, and I basking in the sun

After much moving around, the guys found us the perfect sunny/shady spot

As ALWAYS we had the best time with great friends and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Last weekend I ventured to Fayetteville with some great friends (& sisters) for a Kappa get-together . Amber hosted us at her house and good times were had. We went to some of our old "hot spots"... dinner at Thai diner, brunch at Common Grounds, cupcakes at Rick's Bakery (compliments of Am), and Dinner at Abuelo's. LOTS of EATING!!
Em's taking a break after a full day of shopping
Elle, Jill, Anne, and Kaylea at Abuelo's
The whole group
Em, Jill, Anne, Amber, Kaylea, me, and Elle
yummy sangria swirl
I cannot wait to do it again next year, girls!!!
So, while I was away, Justin did play...BUT he doesn't have pictures to show for. Friday night he had a few buddies over to grill out, and Saturday he went fishing, planted some trees in the back yard, played golf, and went over to a friend's for a BBQ.
This weekend, other than a dinner date Friday night at Julie and Britt's, we have NOTHING else planned! I will soak it up because the coming weekends are loaded with planned activities!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend in {a few} Pictures

We thought it was appropriate that Justin found this little bunny {plus 3 of it's siblings} on Easter weekend. He was slaving away in the backyard, weed eating, when up flew a little bunny.
Saturday night we went to Nan's for Easter dinner with my dad's side of the family, and then we met up with Matt and Rachel at Old Chicago to watch the basketball game and visit!

{I know it's a horrible quality photo but I still like it.}


Sunday, we met Jon, Candace, Malyn, and Candace's mom, Alicia at church, and enjoyed worshiping/celebrating our Saviors resurrection. Love Easter. I am reminded of a sacrifice that saved me, and mindful of the Lord's undeniable love for us.

After church we met over at Jon and Candace's house for Easter lunch with the Swann fam.

Beautiful family!
Candace, Jon, and Malyn

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, we are alive. We've been busy, and do have stuff to blog about, but I've been in a blogging funk lately.

I had a lovely spring break and I got to:

- have lunch with my MIL, sweet SIL, and beautiful niece
- decorate above our Master bed { I had put it off for too long}
- take a road trip with my momma
- visit my brother in Tulsa
- shop, shop, shop
- spend an hour and a half one afternoon looking for our missing dogs {they dug a hole and escaped the backyard}
- cook and bake for J A LOT
- have lunch with my aunt and two of her best friends whom I got to know when she took me to New York my senior year of high school.
- sleep in until 7 a.m. some days

I am looking forward to many more spring breaks in the future.

How about this SPRING weather......

plant/bush/flowers are blooming

Spring wreath

I baked these Easter cupcake treats for my co-works

Close up: "Groovy Easter"

What would I do without my fabulous mixer!?

The best container for round cakes and cupcakes
Supposedly this is the best time of the year to fish, so my man has been doing A LOT of fishing, my friends.
Handsome with ALL (12) the fish he caught last night

Matt (one of J's good buddies) posing with the fish they caught
I know...cup cakes and dead fish don't really mix. Sorry.