Saturday, December 31, 2011


Our tiny little, baby is growing at a rapid rate into this active little boy. I came across some pictures on my mom's camera from the day we brought Brody home and the tears came. I cannot believe in one month we will be wishing our bambino a happy 1st birthday!

You wear size 12 month clothes, and some 18 months. Most outfits fit good in the length, but too big in the tummy!

You go to sleep around 7:30 and sleep about 12 hours.

When you’re home with us, like the past two weeks, you take great naps. However, when you’re at school your naps are inconsistent. I suppose there is just too much going on and you do not like to miss out. Usually you take a morning nap and a longer afternoon nap.

Eating solids continues to be so fun, and you have really loved finger foods. You still eat oatmeal and babyfood everyday, but you also have finger foods with all three of your meals and snacks.

It is SO hard to get smiling pictures anymore because they're all blurry! You cannot sit still.

We are about to introduce whole milk with your formula.

You have been crusin' around, holding on to furniture, for awhile now. We practice walking and you keep getting better and stronger. Who knows when you will decide to have the confidence to walk on your own.? I'm okay waiting! :)

You're favorite word is dog. You LOVE watching and playing with any dog.

You are a cuddle bug, much like your daddy. You have not met a stranger and you will go up to pretty much anyone and reach for them to hold you (mom says I was this way). You voice your opinion when you want everyone to listen up.

You are such a joy, baby boy! We could not love you more!

This is what you really wanted to be doing.

"Forget the pictures, mom, let's play!"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas EVENING

We left the Swann's and headed for my Nan's house to celebrate with my extended family. We happened to run into my cousin, Brittany, and her sweet family as soon as we arrived.

How precious is Little Mr. Dawson!

Pops and Brody.

WOW. Thanks, Nan.

Time to show out on the stairs.

Such a wonderful way to spend my 11 month birthday!!

11 month update coming soon!

Christmas DAY

After doing Christmas morning at our house with the 3 of us, we got ready to head to the Swann 'farm' for Christmas with our family. Pop-O couldn't stand it - instead of waiting for Lisa to give Brody his present from Santa, he just jumped right in to let Brody go for a ride.

Taking a spin in bub's new red waggon

My favorite niece, Malyn, arrived. Kisses.

Malyn got a new Barbie jeep!!

Brody eating Christmas lunch; squash and peaches. :)

later, taking a nap with Pop-O

back at it........Let's do this, again.

How cute is this!? Cannot wait to put it in my classroom! THANK YOU, Julie!!


Miss Princess, wand and ALL

Uncle Jeff opening presents.

AGAIN, MORE Christmas to come.............

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning I was like a little kid, I was so excited for Brody to wake up and open his gifts. Naturally, I woke up first, then Brody, and then Justin. :) [For those that don't know, I am a morning person.] I did my normal morning routine: made bub's bottle and cereal, fixed a cup of coffee, turned on Christmas music. Not long after, Brody work up. YAY! The fun began.

Yes, we did NOT have a tree this year. I won't even begin to start.

Bub eating breakfast

It was the best family Christmas morning! This little man loves everything from the wrapping paper, to the tissue paper, and even the boxes and bows. He had a ball, and now we need a bigger house to fit all his toys! :)

Again, MORE Christmas to come...............

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas eve tradition is for moi to cook a few pies while daddy and Brody play, and then we all get ready to hangout with my immediate family and attend the candlelight service at church to celebrate the real 'reason for the season.' We decided to open presents before church, this year. AND it goes like this......

Someone got a rocking horse from Santa

Opening ALL his gifts
"Humm...what's this"

"maybe I can try to climb on it"


Posing with my stocking and Lolly & Pops

Everyone wanted a picture with me

L.O.V.E my Lolly

From my parents house, we went to the candlelight service at our church. Brody stayed with us during "big church" for the first time. I was nervous, but he did great! After church, we went back to my parents house to eat my mom's homemade lasagna. Delish'.

More about Christmas, later.....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Party'n

Last Sunday night was our Church's Christmas party. It was past Brody's bedtime so we were exiting the building to head home when we ran into Santa and Mrs. Claus. :) They were coming to see all the kids at church, and kindly stopped to take a picture with us.

"Hummm....isn't there something different about you, this time??"

Posing with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Next up was Brody's teachers Christmas breakfast at school, then my Faculty Christmas party at school, after that my class Christmas and Brody's class Christmas party. Oh, and our small group Christmas party at church. Also, Justin got to spend time with his "little brother" that he mentors and give him a Christmas goodie.

AND then.....Today........

Today we had Christmas with my mom's side of the family. As always, it was a blast [shout out to my Aunt Tina and Aunt Peggy who read the blog! Love y'all]. Brody got to open his first big Christmas gift. Unfortunately, we had to cut our trip short because baby boy started running a fever.

Let's just say, I hope how he unwrapped gifts today does not foreshadow what will be our Christmas this year; the child TOOK HIS PRECIOUS TIME. Carefully, he ripped and examined every inch of that gift.