Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ali and Rich Got Hitched

Saturday morning we woke up and lounged around until it was time to go eat breakfast. We went to a restaurant called Big Bad Breakfast and boy was it! After filling our tummies we split up. The boys drove around campus and then headed to the Square, while the three of us went for a walk around campus before getting ready. We met back up at the wedding!

Waiting in the brides quarters before the other girls arrived

The gorgeous Bride

Love them!
Almost all the BM's - we're missing the maid of honor

Found handsome outside after the wedding

The Bride and Groom leaving the church after the wedding

The Men

The Women

On top of the double decker bus that we road from the Chapel to the Square for the Reception.

Congratulations, again Ali and Rich! We love you and had a blast celebrating your marriage!

[Big thanks to the Wright's for lugging around their camera to capture every moment!]

A Wedding Weekend to Remember - Friday

We trekked to Oxford, MS this weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends! We adore these two and couldn't be happier that they are now Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blanchette!

Rehearsal at the Ole Miss Chapel

Rehearsal dinner with the beautiful bride

Out on the Oxford Square after dinner

Handsome and I with the Bride

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching up - Preg Meg 16 & 17 weeks

I started my Internship [final semester before I graduate with my masters!] this past week at a great school. Really, it is a "great school" - it's one of a select group of schools that scored a 9 out of 10 in the state. I am fortunate. The school is only 4 years old! Anyway, that is my excuse for why I'm late with the "16 week" picture and stats.

Stats: Our babe is about palm size now, with crown to rump length of 6 inches and 6 oz. Body fat is beginning to form. This week baby s is all about practice in preparation for birth.

Movement: Yes!!!! While mommy was on the dance floor this weekend baby was moving to the beat, as well.
Feeling: Great! I'm just exhausted at night.

Food: Same as previous week. Although I did manage to eat some fried food this weekend in Oxford.

Favorite moment of the week: Feeling baby s move!

16 weeks

17 weeks (Today)

Starting to see a bump!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Our weekend was full of fun and laughter! Cannot wait to share pictures!

Monday, August 16, 2010

15 Weeks and Project

I know, I know, I forgot to post "Preg. Meg" pic's last week. Oops! I'm on the ball this week, though.

[Beware: Justin got right up next to me to take this pic so my arm looks mighty!]15 weeks!
[Workout cloths are the best to show changes.]

There is no official "bump" yet, although, I am starting to notice changes in my waistline.


Stats: Our baby is 5" and 3 1/2 oz. By now are baby has the coordination, strength, and smarts to wiggle his or her fingers and toes and even suck a thumb. It's unlikely that I will be feeling any movements this week, but our baby is certainly getting a workout- kicking, flexing, and moving his arms and legs.

Movement: Not yet!

Feeling: Better! Much better. I just have to make sure I eat every three hours - that helps with the nausea.

Food: No cravings. I still have food aversions to a lot of food...for example: chocolate, Mexican, Chinese, any dessert really, and fried foods. I'm loving [Natural] Peanut butter and banana sandwich's on whole wheat bread, green apples with caramel [yay for caramel apple season soon], and blow pops [at least 2 a day].

Favorite moment of the week: Talking to my brother on the phone and him asking me, "have you gotten big yet?" Makes me laugh every time I think about it. He sure doesn't hold back, huh?

Buying: I have yet to purchase anything for our sweet one and I'm dying to buy this for him. I've heard it's wonderful. What do y'all think? Any suggestions?

This weekend I tackled a BIG project. I cleaned out what WAS our former guest bedroom and what WILL SOON BECOME the nursery, and reorganized the office closet and my closet. I was fortunate, for awhile, to have two closets, one for my fall/winter cloths and one for summer/spring depending on the time of year. However, baby s will need closet space so I am sacrificing my space. :) I went through both closets and threw out everything I haven't worn in a year and a half - 2 years to take to the consignment shop and goodwill. Whew, what a task. Justin helped move the guest bed and other heavy items into the the office. As of now the nursery and closet are clean and empty and the office is cluttered.

We may keep the light blue walls!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AL's Bachlorette Weekend

This past weekend I got to celebrate one of my best friend's as she will be getting married in three weeks. Amber picked me up Friday and we headed to my Nan's Condo to decorate before everyone arrived. Marietta met us at the condo to help and we went to work. Amber had the vision! Most of the girls arrived that evening. Ali's sister's, Ashlie and Amber (matron of honor and maid of honor) surprised her Saturday. Amber flew in from N.Y.C. and Ashlie is due with her first baby in a few weeks.

The theme of the weekend was "Ali's Favorite Things." Check out Am's blog for photo's of the fabulous decorations.

The group at dinner Saturday night

The Wren sisters
Ali, Amber, and Ashlie

The soon-to-be bride talking to her groom while we prepare for the lingerie shower downstairs

Look who else was there! SO funny!

The group modeling our new little aprons - party favors

[Go here, to Marietta's blog, to read more about "Etta's Aprons"]

Am, Amber Wren, me, and Ali outside on the deck

Can't wait to see everyone again soon in Oxford, Mississippi for the Wedding Weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Love

Ever since the first day we announced that I was pregnant, I have heard from EVERYONE "oh you are having a girl!" I'm talking some close friends, co-workers, and people I don't know. No one ever said "I think it's going to be a boy," EXCEPT my husband! [He says he really did have a feeling, but I still think it was just wishful thinking that happened to come true!] I would think to myself okay people, really, and how do you know this...I'm not even showing yet. I don't know if they just thought because I'm such a girly-girl that I deserve a girl or what. I think after a while of hearing it so often, I started to believe it myself. Well, I suppose Justin was right and everyone else was incorrect. We are 90% certain that we are having a sweet little baby BOY, our little PRINCE CHARMING!!!

We went into our doctors appointment just hoping and praying that our baby still looked great and had a good heart beat. We walked out of the doctors office reassured of our baby's health, knowing the sex, and we have lots of pictures to show for!

For those that know Justin, you can imagine how elated the kid was to hear this news!!! I wish I had my camera in hand when the Doctor said those sweet words. Justin's face lit up and you could see a proud little grin shinning through. Ah, my heart melted! I couldn't be more excited myself. I ALWAYS wanted an older brother, so if we are lucky/blessed enough to have one of each I would prefer the boy first!

After our appointment, we [I] debated whether or not to tell everyone or wait and have some sort of a gender reveal party with our family after we are 100% sure of the sex. Justin convinced me that everyone was already waiting to hear about the appointment, and it would be too hard not to tell them after receiving such fun and exciting news. I agreed, and as soon as I looked down at my phone I had text messages urging me to let them know how it went.

I'll let you know after our next appointment if it changes, but as of now, we are having a baby BOY!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Reveal!!

We waited an entire month after finding out that I was pregnant to tell our family and close friends. Talk about DIFFICULT! More so for Justin because he felt like we were keeping a secret from, yeah, babe we are keeping a secret....A BIG SECRET at that. So, you can imagine how ecstatic we were after our doctor's appointment when she gave us the go ahead to tell everyone because our baby looked healthy and had a great heart beat. Of course, I had concerns because I was still in my first trimester but instead of dwelling on my fears we decided it would be best to announce, and everyone that knew could/would be willing to lift up our sweet baby in prayer. I am so glad we did tell because the amount of love, support, and genuine happiness that we felt from everyone made us that much more excited about our little one.

How we told my parents:

Justin came up with this idea. It was a week before my dad's birthday so it worked out perfect. After our doctor's appointment we went over to my parents' house. I carried in a box from Ed's Bakery and told mom and dad to come into the kitchen because we have an early birthday gift for dad. They opened the box to find 12 chocolate chip cookies (mom & dad's fave) iced with the letters "GRANDPARENTS" in pink and blue icing, ALL MIXED UP. I told mom to help dad spell out the word. Let me tell you, it took them awhile. In their defense they were thinking in birthday mode and never in their wildest dreams did they think I would be pregnant because they knew "my plan." Finally, I said "look at the icing colors does that mean anything to you"...and right then mom got it. I'll spare you all the sappy details but it was special and I know my dad LOVED his early birthday gift. After the shock wore off, a few tears of joy and big smiles came.
{Sorry I don't have pictures to show for - they are on my mom's camera}

How we told the Swann Fam.:

Let me preface by saying that after about a year of marriage, my in-laws started asking us every time we were with them when we were going to "have one." Needless to say, they want more grand babies.

We wanted to incorporate our precious niece in this reveal. Candace, my wonderful sister-in-law, had already known about our pregnancy so it made it easy for us to coordinate with her. The day of the reveal I ran to hobby lobby and put together this little pick and turquoise shirt for Malyn to wear. It says "I'm gonna have a Swann Cuz!" {The word "Cuz"was used only because I ran out of letters and it kind of sounded cute} Justin and I met up with Candace and Malyn before heading over to my in-laws house. They knew Justin and I were coming over for a visit but did not know sweet Malyn and Candace would be joining {Jon (Justin's twin) was out of town for work}. So, we get there, walk downstairs where Doug, Lisa, and Jeff are sitting and Justin carries Mayln in and sets her down. It didn't take long before my MIL was screaming and jumping up in down with excitement. Soon after my FIL was jumping up to give us big bear hugs and tell us how thrilled he was, and Uncle Jeff as well. After dinner and much baby talk, they feasted on little baby decorated petite fours from Ed's Bakery that I brought. Before heading home we stopped off at Nonnie and Papa's to share the news with them.

I cannot believe how big she is getting...we just love her so much!!

How I told the girls:

Ideally I would have LOVED to have had them all over to our house, and all in the same room, but let's face it, life is hectic and that would have been close to impossible. So, my second idea was to send them a card from the baby. I had everything written out, each card said something different to fit my friendship with each girl. Unfortunately, when I went to submit my order online, because each card was personalized, it was going to be $30 per card plus tax and shipping. Making my order a total of $300 +. I love these girls dearly, but now is not the time for me to be spending that kind of money on cards that they will eventually throw away. Anyhow, one day I got to brainstorming and came up with this.....

Shout out to Karen at Something Blue - I knew what I wanted and she delivered, as usual

This was so fun for me to do and I literally could not wait for their phone calls! I will treasure those conversations for forever - all the squeals of excitement and pure joy. I have the best friends and I can't wait for "baby s" to meet his/her "Aunts!"

"Baby S" has already received so many fabulous gifts from loved ones and we cannot express how grateful we are to have such incredible family and friends!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Surprise-Blessing!

Well I can officially announce that I am 13 weeks (and one day) pregnant!!

WE'RE HAVING A little BABY!!!!!

I haven't been feeling the best, to say the least, but instead of the details of how I'm feeling I want to focus this post on the positive notion that we are beyond excited as the SHOCK is starting to wear off! Our family and friends have been SO GREAT to encourage, support, and best of all just be thrilled for us!

One day, after noticing some pregnancy symptoms (one being very obvious), I decided to take a test. Well not only did I take a single test...I TOOK FIVE!! I spent too much money not believing the sign that reads "pregnant." I know it seems so silly, but honestly I wish someone would have videoed that moment because I was in complete SHOCK!

I would love to say that I did something super creative and sweet to announce to Justin that we were having a little one, but, truth is, it wasn't at all. Justin was in shock too, at first, but his wore off fast as he flipped on an excited switch. It definitely took me longer to accept, but that doesn't mean I am not extremely happy now.

I've been learning a ton, one of which is the affirmation that "my plan" is not always the best plan, and "when life throws you lemons, make lemonade." Okay, okay so the last one was just funny.

Justin has been the best! One day, not to long after we found out, he came home with flowers for me and sweet words of affirmation.

Our little one at 8 weeks

"baby s" at 13 weeks and a day

I debated about whether or not to do a preg. meg pic.... and then decided that the blog is mainly for us to keep up with our adventure as a family and this is part of it. Sorry about the picture quality but this is me yesterday. I'm learning. I suppose next time I will get Justin to take the picture so that it is easier to see. We have yet to see a bump, but man do we want to!!

We had our second doctors appointment today and the babe looks great! Our doctor is actually 90% certain of the sex!!! I cannot express to you our excitement! I will announce it soon. Until then feel free to leave us a comment predictinig what you think it is.

Coming soon: The Reveal! How we told our family and best friends.