Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Months

I was over-the-moon excited to spend the day with bub on his 10 month birthday!

We played hard, cheered on the Hogs, and tried to take a good monthly photo. As he gets older, the harder it is to get him to sit still for a picture.

Here's how it goes....

"humm....there is a picture frame for me to reach for, grab, and throw on the floor"

"mom's bribing me with a q-tip"
(closest thing I could find that he hadn't already played with)

"what's this...."

q-tip didn't last long, so then he goes for the remaining monthly stickers

"mom, can we please just read a book"

I love how you wear me out, going none stop for hours, and then when it's time to wind down you let me wrap you up in my arms to cuddle.

Happy 10 months, bug-a-boo!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Haircut (trim)

Bub had his first haircut this afternoon, and I must say, it was a SUCCESS. She didn't do much; just trim around his ears and the back with a RAZOR. It didn't take him long to have every woman in the salons' attention. He was hamming it up!

I feel like just yesterday I was decorating our house for Christmas with him in my belly. How is this possible?!

I'm thankful for a happy, active boy!