Sunday, September 25, 2011

Game Day

Go Hogs!

[The game was disappointing, but at the time, we were ready to support our team!]

After the game, we took Bub over to my parents because they were going to keep him for the night so handsome and I could go on a date. We left him and he was happy - no surprise there. In the meantime, Justin took me to my favorite restaurant here in town, and then he planned for us to see Dolphin Tale 3D. That is love. He knows how much I LOVE dolphins, so he sucked it up to go see it in 3D with me. He is the best! Side note: I haven't been to see a 3D movie since we went on a field trip in middle school. I forgot how much I liked it, and there have been major improvements in the making of 3D. Anyway, around 10:30 we got a call from my parents. To make a long story short, we went to get bub because he's going though "stranger anxiety." For some reason he woke up crying and I suppose he needed to see one of us when he work up. All is well. He took his bottle on the way home and fell right to sleep in the car and didn't wake until 6:45 this morning. I love the weekends with my boys!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

M and B

Last weekend, among a host of things we did, one was seeing family we haven't seen in far too long. We visited/played with Gammy and Pop-O. Nonie had lunch prepared for us, and bub got to hang out with his older cuz, Malyn.

Bub's snotty nose. Poor guy.

You can tell, at this point, bubba is ready to hit the road so he can snooze.

I have to say, one thing that has changed our lives for the better the past month and half, since I started working, is our wonderful cleaning lady. It has freed up our weekends, and it allows us to spend our weekends together and not have to worry about cleaning the house.

I realize I am so far behind with my updating, but the blog has taken a back seat to the many other 'things' I have going on at the moment. Soon enough I will update, again.

Have a great week!